Blossom Therapy Services offers ABA services to children with autism or related developmental disabilities in Charleston, WV, and Washington, DC. Contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about Blossom Therapy Services and how we can help your child reach their fullest potential.


Blossom Therapy Services is a place for families of children with special needs to get the support and tools to access the full potential of their child.

With Blossom, families don’t merely have to survive…they can thrive!


Blossom Therapy Services meets families where they are to provide and create meaningful outcomes in the lives of children through research-based interventions and high-quality, individualized ABA services.  We tap into the blossoming potential to help children and families thrive to their fullest potential.

We now serve clients in Charleston, WV, and Washington, DC.

Shawna L. Tyree, M.S. BCBA


Shawna grew up in wild and wonderful West Virginia. She pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia University and then a Master of Science from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating, Shawna quickly realized the value and effectiveness of ABA and decided to obtain her certification as a BCBA. Shawna worked as an ABA Coordinator at a DC Charter school for several years and values the collaboration among all members of a child’s multidisciplinary team to provide quality services. Shawna has lived in Washington, DC, since 2015 and is now passionate about bringing quality ABA services to her hometown in West Virginia.

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